There are a multitude of items that experienced gigging guitarists feel are necessities to bring with them to a live performance.  Of course, these items can vary wildly from player to player.

We’ll be showcasing lots of examples, but in this video, you’ll learn about one player’s 3 “must haves” when he plays a gig.

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Ok aspiring rockstars, we ran across an excellent article from Guitar World that we think serves as a perfect “crash course” to playing guitar live on stage.

It covers all the bases relating to:

  • Preparation
  • Relaxation
  • State of Mind

Check it out and print it out.  Review it whenever you have a gig coming up.  Knowing how to prepare for a gig is the best way to have peace of mind about it and avoid those dreaded problems that can rear their ugly heads at the last minute, or worse, once you’re on stage.  We’ll be sharing many more insightful articles and videos like this one, so stay tuned!

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